Synthetic Automatic Transmission Cleaner

Synthetic Automatic Transmission Cleaner

Use with or without power flushers

Prepares transmission for new fluid

  • Safely Removes Light Varnish and Other Deposits
  • Cleans All Internal Transmission Components
  • Contains No Alcohol or Damaging Chemicals
  • For Use With or Without Flushing Equipment

RED LINE® SYNTHETIC AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEANER is a uniquely blended synthetic oil base transmission flush for use with automatic transmission fluid. When RED LINE SYNTHETIC TRANSMISSION CLEANER is introduced into the transmission it safely cleans light varnish and other deposits from the transmission’s internal parts (metal & electronic) safely, preparing it for new transmission fluid. After flushing and refilling with ATF add RED LINE protectant to prolong fluid life and reduce operating temperature.

RED LINE SYNTHETIC AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEANER utilizes molecular technology that works in conjunction with ATF naturally when clearing automatic transmissions. Our unique cleaning agents contain no harmful solvents and release light varnish and other deposits from internal transmission parts.


  • PT #: 4200

    RLO #: 1085891

    UNIT: 10 oz.

    CASE SIZE: 12/cs

    PALLET UNITS: 2436

This product is only available for professional maintenance/service locations.

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WITHOUT FLUSH MACHINE – Add one bottle of RED LINE SYNTHETIC AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEANER to transmission fluid. With car on lift (wheels off the ground) start engine, circulate for 5 minutes cycling through all gears. Purge twice if needed. If drain is 50% purge by evacuation through cooler line, filler tube or drain plug. Refill with ATF & RED LINE protectant. Do not overfill.

WITH FLUSH MACHINE – Follow manufacturers’ directions.


DANGER: Harmful if inhaled. May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. Avoid breathing mists or spray. Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

Response: If inhaled: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing. If swallowed: Immediately call a poison center or doctor. Do NOT induce vomiting. Get medical advice if you feel unwell.

Store locked up. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations.

Contains: Petroleum Distillates & Branched Alkanes.