Phillips 66 DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Phillips 66 DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Serious Stopping Power

Phillips 66 DOT 4 Brake Fluid maintains anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and traction-control performance. The brake fluid acts as a hydraulic fluid, transferring power and lubricating brake system components, while also preventing corrosion.

Phillips 66 DOT 4 Brake Fluid maintains a stable viscosity over a wide temperature range and flows easily at the high pressures generated in automotive brake systems to deliver solid, reliable braking.


  • Exceeds DOT 3, 4 and 5.1 specifications
  • Provides maximum protection against vapor lock brake failure
  • Maintains a higher boiling point than conventional brake fluids
  • Super protection against chloride and zinc corrosion of braking system parts
  • Low-viscosity (817 cSt) provides superior cold-weather performance


  • PT #: 1085485

    RLO #: 831620

    UNIT: 1 Liter

This product is only available for professional maintenance/service locations.

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