Engine Protectant with PTFE

Engine Protectant with PTFE

Provides unsurpassed protection above and beyond conventional and synthetic blend motor oils

Helps protect engines from metal to metal wear and friction

RED LINE® ENGINE PROTECTANT WITH PTFE helps protect against and reduce the long-term damaging effects that can be caused by metal to metal friction. Use 1 quart of RED LINE ENGINE PROTECTANT WITH PTFE per 4-6 quart oil change.


  • PT #: 17010QT

    RLO #: 1086091

    UNIT: 32 oz.

    CASE SIZE: 12/cs

    PALLET UNITS: 1008

This product is only available for professional maintenance/service locations.

Are you Retailer or Automotive professional?


  1. Shake bottle well.
  2. Add entire contents to crankcase, replacing 1 quart of new oil with RED LINE ENGINE PROTECTANT WITH PTFE. Do Not Over Fill
  3. For best results, run engine directly following the oil change.
  4. Shut off engine to check for proper oil level and inspect for leaks


WARNING: Harmful if inhaled. Avoid breathing mists or spray. Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

RESPONSE: If inhaled: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing. Get medical advice if you feel unwell.
Contains: Petroleum Distillates.
Keep out of reach of children.