Coolant System Cleaner

Coolant System Cleaner

Helps remove rust, scale and sludge.

Prolongs new coolant life

  • Prepares Coolant System for new Fluid
  • Helps Improve Coolant System Performance and Efficiency
  • Protects Water Pumps
  • Helps Prevent Damage Due to Corrosion
  • Ideal For Exchange Machine Use

Quickly removes rust, scale & grease in one easy step.

  • Safe for all metal, aluminum, rubber and plastic parts
  • Neutralizer not needed
  • Compatible with all antifreeze including extended life coolants
  • Ideal for flushing exchange use


  • PT #: 17022

    RLO #: 1086088

    UNIT: 12 oz.

    CASE SIZE: 12/cs

    PALLET UNITS: 1428

This product is only available for professional maintenance/service locations.

Are you Retailer or Automotive professional?



  1. Drain cooling system and refill with fresh water.
  2. Shake bottle well and pour contents into cold radiator. Replace radiator cap.
  3. Turn heater control to hot.
  4. Start engine and idle for 30 minutes.
  5. Shut off engine and drain radiator after It has cooled.
  6. Refill with water and drain several times until fluid Is clear. NOTE: Disposal of fluid in sewers or on the ground is prohibited in California and several other states. Dispose of fluid in accordance with local laws.
  7. Refill radiator with antifreeze/coolant and water.


  1. To prevent burns, make all adapter and machine connections to a cold radiator/engine.
  2. Remove radiator cap & add bottle contents. Replace radiator cap.
  3. Check connections and follow flushing machine directions.


WARNING: Empty containers retain dangerous residue and vapor. KEEP AWAY FROM HEAT, SPARKS AND FLAME. DO NOT pressurize, cut or puncture this container. IT MAY EXPLODE, CAUSING INJURY OR DEATH. Once "empty', promptly return to a container reconditioner.